Used Cantek AF48 4-Roll Power Feeder System for Sale
Cantek AF48 4-Roll Power Feeder (New) Item # CT-106080


Cantek AF48 4-Roll Power Feeder

SKU: CT-106080
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek AF48 4-roll power feeder can be adapted easily to your shaper, table saw, and many other wooodworking machines.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


- 1HP 460V 3PH 4 Rollers
- 8 Feed speeds
- Feed speeds: 6.5/13/18/22/36/43/55/108 FPM
- Roller size: 4.73" x 2.36" (120mm x 60mm)
- Roller suspension: 0.71" (18mm)
- Forward & Reverse feeding switch

Additional Information

Saves over 50% power output than other feeders of the same size (500W)

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