Cantek JDT65 Manual Dovetail Machine (New) Item # CT-104000


Cantek JDT65 Manual Dovetail Machine

SKU: CT-104000
Manufacturer: Cantek

Ideal for drawer production and furniture parts which require high quality dovetail joints.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


- Max. workpiece size 59" x 16"
- Workpieces are clamped by air clamps
- Enclosed-type stand
- Equipped w/ an indication bar for showing cutting position
- Tenon width can be micro-metrically adjusted in 2 mm
- Tenon and mortise depth are conveniently adjusted according to the thickness of workpiece
- Equipped with one four-sided template providing four types of pitches between dovetails
- Standard pitch 1", 1.5", 2" and 2.5" (Other sizes available on request)
- The spindle accommodates 12 mm T.C.T. cutter bit


-Min. workpiece size 7.9" x 2.4"
-Max. workpiece size 59" x 16.5"
-Min. dovetail height 0.2"
-Max. dovetail height 0.71"
-Min. front thickness 0.28"
-Max. front thickness 2.36"
-Min. side thickness 0.28"
-Number of spindles 1
-Spindle speed 18500 RPM
-Center pacing of dovetails 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" (Standard)
-Table height from floor 46.5"
-Dust collection ports diameter front 2.5", rear 4"
-Air pressure requirement 60 PSI
-Motor 1 HP (230/1/60)

Packing dimensions 41.4" x 31" x 63"
N.W / G.W. 440 lbs. / 539 lbs.

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