Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher System for Sale
Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher (New) Item # CT-104020


Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher

SKU: CT-104020
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek JEN60 Drawer Notcher is designed to both notch and drill drawer boxes to install undermount soft-close drawer slides.  The operation of the machine is simple with a self-indexing drilling unit that’s determined by the position of the drawer for either left or right notching.  With a cycle time of approximately 10 seconds per drawer, you can achieve a high throughput and save time for other important tasks.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

-2-1/4" x0.5" notch dimensions
-10" cutter diameter
-1/4" drill diameter
-Table size 49" x 22"
-4" dust port (670 CFM required)
-90-100 PSI compressed air required
-Machine dimensions: 48" x 37-3/4" x 39-3/4"
-Weight: 506lbs.
-Includes 1/4" solid carbide drill bit
-Also includes 10" x 2-1/4" insert cutter head with 70 pieces

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