Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020
Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020
Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020
Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020
Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020
Cantek P30 (1PH/3PH) 5′ Sliding Table Saw (New) Item # CT-151020


Cantek P30 5' Sliding Table Saw

SKU: CT-151020
Manufacturer: Cantek

Cantek P30 5' Sliding Table Saw

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The Cantek P30 5" Sliding Table Saw is the ideal solution for customers looking for the precision and convenience of a sliding table saw but have limited floor space and smaller cutting requirements. The P30 has a precision sliding table which runs on ball bearings and hardened steel guide strips. It is equipped with individual motors for the main saw blade (5 HP) and scoring blade (¾ HP). The blade height and tilt is manually adjusted by means of individual handwheels. The angle of the blade is displayed by a linear scale for added operator convenience. The rip fence runs on a round hardened rail and is manually adjusted up to 51". Equipped with a crosscut miter fence and (2) flip stops.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Key Advantages

- Precision anodized aluminum sliding table with ball bearing guide system for smooth table movement
- Powerful 5 HP main motor with ¾ HP scoring motor
- Heavy duty cast-iron rip fence with 51” cutting capacity
- Aluminum crosscut miter fence with (2) flip stops
- Manual rise/fall the main saw blade
- Manual tilting of the saw blades with angle indicator conveniently located by adjustment handwheel
- Overarm blade guard with build in dust port
- Solid cast iron main table which is ground and polished
- Heavy-duty outrigger for strong support of workpiece during cutting operations
- Solid rip fence with manual fi ne adjustment and locking lever
- Easy to access external scoring adjustment
- Extension table at side and back of main table


- Sliding table dimension: 63" x 12.4"
- Cast Iron table: 21 ½" x 35 ¼"
- Extension table (rear) 18" x 17 ½"
- Extension table (front) 12 ½" x 32 ½"
- Table size 39 ½" x 68"
- Main saw blade (Max.) 12"
- Main saw bore 30mm
- Max. cutting height at 90° (355mm) 3.54"
- Max. cutting height at 45° (355mm) 2.48"
- Main motor power 5 HP
- Main blade speed 4000 RPM
- Scoring saw blade 120mm
- Scoring saw blade bore 20mm
- Scoring blade motor power(optional) 3/4 HP
- Scoring blade speed 8000 RPM
- Cutting width – ripping 51"
- Cutting width adjustment Manual
- Crosscutting width (Maximum) 134.6"
- Main saw blade tilting adjustment Manual (0°~ 45°)
- Main saw height adjustment Manual
- Scoring saw height adjustment Manual
- Saw guard CE Guard Included
- Dust collection ports (1) 4" / (1) 2.3"
- Machine weight 984 lbs
- Shipping Dimensions: 83" x 46" x 44"

Electrical Information

- 230/1/60 = 34.9 Full Load Amps
- 230/3/60 = 18.4 Full Load Amps
- 575/3/60 = 7.4 Full Load Amps

Additional Information

Optional Equipment Included

- Eccentric hold down clamp
- CE Overarm Guard with Dust Port
- Wedge for Solid Wood Ripping

Pricing & Shipping

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