Cantek P815HV 32″ Planer (New) Item # CT-107050


Cantek P815HV 32" Planer

SKU: CT-107050
Manufacturer: Cantek

Cantek P815HV 32" Planer - Powerful Heavy Duty 32" Planer That Fits Your Everyday Needs

New w/ Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The Cantek P815HV 32” Planer has a solid steel helical cutterhead with two-sided carbide knife inserts that require no adjustments when changing. With a digital readout and simple PC controller, setting the table height is quick, accurate, and easy. The frame is made from heavy cast iron with known vibration damping resulting in long bearing life and superior cut quality. The planer’s segmented, serrated infeed roll & segmented pressure shoe ensures material is held firmly during the feeding and planing process The P815HV planer has a quick-set micro-adjustable lever that easily raises and lowers the table rollers to aid in the feeding of difficult to feel wood. The industry standard 30×12×1.5mm carbide insert knives are positioned by two pins and held by a gib and screw which do not require any special tools to set the height. The knives have a slight bevel in the corners which provide for a superior finish without any stepping between the knives. In addition, the knives sit vertically into the head which produces a proper cutting angle and gulley to allow for superior cutting depth.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Key Advantages

- Spiral insert knife cutterhead with superior cut quality and maximum depth of cut
- Two-sided solid carbide inserts are easily changed while providing optimum wear life
- Heavy-duty cast iron machine frame ensures long machine life, optimum cut quality with its superior vibrating damping properties
- Digital thickness control for accurate automatic adjustment of the table position
- PLC digital control for auto-thickness setting
- Sectional infeed roller and sectional chip breaker
- Anti-kickback safety fi ngers for safe operation
- Variable speed drive for optimum fi nish results according to the planing depth and material being planed.
- Quick-set table roll adjustment to aid in feeding diffi cult to feel material
- Steel spiral cutterhead with carbide inserts – 6 rows 120 inserts 30 x 12 x 1.5 mmCutters mounted on angle for ‘shear’ cut
- Exhaust hood with 6” outlet
- Flip open upper hood for easy and convenient access to change the knives on the cutterhead
- Safety limit switch on the cover will not allow the operator to run the machine with the hood open.
- 4 table raising jack screws

Additional Information


- Main motor 15 HP
- Feed motor 2 HP
- Power rise and fall of table 1/2 HP
- 460V
- 3Ph
- Feed speed 20-39 FPM Variable
- Maximum planing width 32"
- Maximum planing thickness 11-13/16"
- Minimum planning thickness 3/8"
- Max. depth of cut 5/16"
- Minimum length 8-3/4"
- Table size 34 1/4" x 34 1/4"
- Dust hood (1) 6"
- Shipping weight 2450 lbs
- Shipping dimensions 66" x 44" x 53"

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