Used Cantek PW120E Osillating Edge Sander System for Sale
Cantek PW120E Osillating Edge Sander (New) Item # CT-109020


Cantek PW120E Osillating Edge Sander

SKU: CT-109020
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek PW120E Oscillating Edge Sander is designed for the most demanding sanding applications.




About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- Oscillating system is driven from main motor by gear mechanism
- Equipped with cast aluminum front table for edge sanding and side curved table for sanding radius work
- Tables can be tilted 0-45° and adjusted for height position
- Angle indicator
- Two rubber coated drums; driven and idle
- Flip open gate for sanding longer pieces
- 3HP
- 230V/3PH
- Available on 230V/1PH and 460 or 600V/3PH
- Belt size: 138.5" x 9"
- Working capacity: 47" x 8"
- 4" dust port
- End table for curve sanding
- Easy adjustment for belt tracking
- Dimensions: 82.7" x 24.4" x 40.2"
- Net weight: 682 lbs.

Additional Information

With its powerful 3HP motor it can perform under industrial requirements. The oscillating belt ensures optimum sanding quality and extended belt life.
Its versatility lies in the number of functions which can be done on this single machine.
The industrial cast aluminum table can be easily tilted with positive stops of 45° and -5° so you can easily sand straight or miter edges.
Additionally, the front table is spring loaded making it effortless for the operator to set the table height in order to utilize the full sanding belt.
The 9” high sanding belt makes it ideal for sanding thicker furniture parts or drawer boxes. The additional tiltable cast aluminum end table with removable guard allows for inside contour sanding.

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