Cantek UFO-105B 3,673 CFM 7.5HP Dust Collector (New) Item # NFE-1105


Cantek UFO-105B 3,673 CFM 7.5HP Dust Collector

SKU: NFE-1105
Manufacturer: Cantek

Cantek UFO-105B Dust Collector


About this Item

  • New w/ Warranty

    The Cantek UFO102B 3673 CFM Dust Collector with it's 7.5HP three phase motor, provides great dust collecting power. Easy to use with its magnetic starter. Ergonomically built, the Cantek UFO102B has base casters for easy movement around the shop.

    CFM: 3673

    Motor: 7.5 HP

    Power/ Electrics: 230 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 HZ ( Also available in 460 Volt)

    Main Inlet Diameter: 8"

    Connector Inlet Diameter: (5) 4"

    Bag Volume (cu. ft.) : 26.2

    Top Bags (2) : 26" x 59"

    Bottom Bags (2) : 26" x 37.4"

    Net weight: 506 lbs.

    Shipping Weight: 616 lbs.

    Shipping Dimensions: 68" x 33" x 33"

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