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Canvas Stretch Master Plus Auto Stapling

SKU: NFE-256

Canvas Stretch Master Plus Auto Stapling

New w/ Factory Warranty

Factory is no longer manufacturing this model

The Stretch Master Plus is a step up from our Canvas Stretch Master.?For a fraction of the cost of a fully automatic machine, you can expect speeds of up to 80 units per hour. It boasts the reliability of our Canvas Stretch Master Production range, along with a host of extras such as automatic rising arms, pneumatic brakes, central clamps and more. Each machine comes with two?rapid fire stapling guns mounted on either side of the machine for ease of use.

Here are the key features:?

  • Stretch and staple 2 sides at once.

  • Standard models available are 1m x 1m(39? x 39"),?1.2m x 1.2m (48? x 48?) and 1.6m x 1.6m (64" x 64")

  • Stretches from 10? up to 64".

  • Frame sizes from 12mm (1/2?) up to 75mm (3?) can be used with the machine

  • Stretches a canvas in well under 1 minute

  • Adjustments on the machine means it can stretch paper, linen and a variety of other materials

  • Facilitates gallery wrap and a guide both sides ensures even stapling.

  • The stretching mechanism is pneumatic and has control points so tension can be adjusted to suit

  • Only the highest quality parts are used and spare parts are rarely needed.

  • Pitched table makes a small footprint


  • Size:?780mm wide x 2250 long x 1760mm high (26? wide x 88? long x 70? high)

  • Weight:?1m x 1m -?230kg? ? ? 1.2m x 1.2m -?260kg ? ?1.6m x 1.6m - 300kg

?Machine Video:?

Sizes Available and Pricing
39" (1m)? ?$23,400 USD or 20,600 Euro
47.25? (1.2m)? $26,800 USD or 23,600 Euro
62.99"? (1.6m)? $30,200 USD or 26,600 Euro

Please note: Price subject to change due to Euro fluctuation.?

This machine will be shipped by freight company. Please call for a quote.

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