Cassese CS 1 Uni Foot Operated Frame Joiner (New) Item # LS-102010


Cassese CS1 / CS 1 Uni Foot Operated Underpinner

SKU: LS-102010
Manufacturer: Cassese

Cassese CS 1 Uni Foot-Operated Underpinner is perfect for the small to medium sized custom or retail framer. Using Cassese nails in cartridge, they are designed to be simple and fast while handling a wide range of moulding sizes.

New with Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications


-Wide mouldings: 14cm / 5 1/2” stroke
-High mouldings: 10cm / 4”
-Aluminum structure and parts for maximum durability with minimal wear and tear
-Stainless steel working table
-Adjustable & magnetic chevron hold down and solid crossbar
-Easy wedge loading and size changes using Cassese Cartridge Wedges
-Quick and easy wedge positioning
-Usable from the front or the rear

Additional Information

The CS 1 Uni Series uses Uni Wedges.

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