Cassese CS 200 Cart Pneumatic Underpinner (New) Item # LS-102050


Cassese CS200 / CS 200 Cart Pneumatic Underpinner

SKU: LS-102050
Manufacturer: Cassese

Cassese's CS 200 Cart pneumatic operated underpinner offers excellent flexibility for the small framer all the way up to the medium sized contract framer. Simple and easy to use with clamps for both the front and top of the moulding to produce the highest quality corners. Able to join a wide range of mouldings widths and heights.

The CS 200 CART uses Cassese nails in cartridges which means no adjustment to the machine when changing nail sizes.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


-Wide mouldings 7.5" nailing stroke
-High mouldings 4.5" max height
-Adjustable fences
-Pneumatic loading of wedges
-Aluminum structure and parts for maximum durability with minimal wear and tear
-Stainless steel working table
-Adjustable and magnetic chevron holddown
-Easy wedge loading and size changes using Cassese Cartridge Wedges

Additional Information

Cassese's exclusive Smart Nail Drive System eliminates the need to adjust the top clamp location and eliminates the need to adjust air pressure between Hardwood and Softwood.
Retractable and powerful Ultra front clamps hold mouldings tightly in place during nailing.

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