Cassese CS 7-15 Pneumatic Tab Gun (New) Item # LS-221090


Cassese CS 7-15 Pneumatic Tab Gun

SKU: LS-221090
Manufacturer: Cassese
Date listed: November 10, 2020

Designed for 15mm Flexipoints, Arrow flexipoints or Cassese rigid points
Compatible with any brand and type of 15mm flexipoints
Ergonomic and lightweight
Extreme reliability proved by users worldwide
Ideal for medium and volume contract framers
Can be used with:
Flexipoints 15mm
Arrow flexipoints 15mm
& Rigid points 15mm
Lightweight & ergonomic
Its very light body provides you a maximum comfort of use
Quick & easy slide against the rebate
Thanks to a new design head (2 sides opened)
Flexiguns can be used on wood, MDF and plastic mouldings


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