Used Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner Undeprinner Vnailer
Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner (used) Item # UE-092221A (Idaho)
Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner (used) Item # UE-092221A (Idaho)
Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner (used) Item # UE-092221A (Idaho)
Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner (used) Item # UE-092221A (Idaho)


Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner

SKU: UE-092221A
Manufacturer: Cassese
Date listed: September 22, 2021

Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner / Underpinner / Vnailer

Used to join mitered moulding corners by picture framers and woodworkers

From the seller: "This used CS 299M V-nailer is in Good Working Condition."

Video of Machine in Operation

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About this Item

  • *** From the manufacturer:

    The new CS299M XL2 is designed to meet the needs of every framer looking for high quality joins and comfort of use, thanks to the adjustable fences and the new patented retractable Ultra clamps.

    • Wide joining capacity (190mm stroke ? 7 1/2?)

    • Ultra powerful Double-action ?Push and Tighten? rebate clamp

    • New retractable Ultra clamp system retracts into the table leaving a flat surface ? Great for big frames!

    • All air powered ? no electrical components to fail

    • Patented adjustable fences

    • Clamping of mouldings activated by foot pedal

    • Wedge firing activated by push button

    • Automatic position lock

    • Built-in extension arms for large frames

    • New magnetic XL adjustable top clamp

    • No tools required to change wedge?s sizes

    • No pressure adjustment required

    • Minimum service required

    Technical Data:
    1/4? ? 6? (5mm ? 150mm)
    5/16? ? 3 1/2? (7mm ? 90mm)
    Minimum Frame Dimensions: 3 5/16? x 3 5/16? (85mm x 85mm)
    Stroke Length: 7 1/2? (190mm)
    Net Weight: 133 lbs (60 kg)
    Dimensions: L 490mm (19 1/4?) W 450 mm (17 3/4?) H 1100 mm (43 1/4?)
    Power Supply: Compressed air at 100 lbs psi

    *** Check the web / manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website.

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