Cassese CS89 Frame Joiner (used) Item # UFE-3042
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Cassese CS89 Frame Joiner (used) Item # UFE-3042
Cassese CS89 Frame Joiner (used) Item # UFE-3042


Cassese CS89 Frame Joiner

SKU: UFE-3042

Cassese CS89 Frame Joiner / Underpinner / Vnailer

From the seller: "This used joiner is in Good Working Condition."

Price ? $680

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From the Manufacturer / Dealer:

The?CS 89 Pneumatic Underpinner?has been specially designed for joining wood, plastic and MDF frames in all profiles. It combines the best qualities of Cassese?s most sophisticated models at a very competitive price. The quality of its finished joint is such that no retouching is necessary. Joining is effected with metal wedges made to draw the joint tightly together. The mechanical strength of the joint means that frames can be handled immediately after joining. The pneumatic double-function pedal permits the user to clamp the mouldings and then to insert the wedges. The vertical presser permits joining mouldings of various height with no readjustment of its position. The machine is designed to be used from either front or back.

  • Air operated floor stand Underpinner
  • Fast and easy to use. Suitable for both custom framer or contract framer
  • Horizontal clamp to maintain moulding position during the joining process
  • Self-adjusting fences taking the form of all kinds of mouldings at their back to prevent gaps in top or bottom of joint
  • Possibility to adjust the joining angle (+/- 90 degrees) to correct the gap if the cutting angle is not perfect
  • No adjustment required for top presser when changing from small to tall mouldings within 2? difference in height
  • No adjustment required when changing from softwood to hardwood
  • No adjustment or change of parts required when changing the size of wedges used
  • Can join 6-sided or 8-sided frames with optional angle attachment
Technical Data:



1/4? (5mm) to 3 3/4? (95mm)

1/4? (5mm) to 3 11/32? (85mm)

Wedges: 5, 7, 10, 12 & 15mm disposable cartridges of 275 pcs

(in normal or hardwood)

Net Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)
Dimensions: D -17 3/4? x W -23 5/8? x H -42 15/16?
Power Supply: Pneumatic: compressed air at 80-105 p.s.i., consumption 0.1 cfm per cycle
Optional Accessories: Angle attachments for 6-sided and 8-sided frames

Customers can pick this machine up in New Jersey or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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