Cassese CS969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # LS-103010


Cassese CS969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw - CS 969

SKU: LS-103010
Manufacturer: Cassese

The CS 969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw is part of the new generation of saws from Cassese. Taller, wider cuts, heavy-duty and reliable, safe, clean and precise. The CS 969 is the best automatic waste reduction saw available.

New with Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Cutting Features:

- Cuts up to 160mm (6 3/8”) wide mouldings and up to 110mm (4 3/8") high mouldings
- Horizontal & raised cutting stroke allows to cut the widest mouldings without any chipping
- Alternates the cut of the blade to reduce waste to zero, saving meters of moulding
- Able to cut wooden, MDF, or plastic moulding. Ideal for industrial or craft use
- Unique "raised blade stroke" above the cutting table allows an angle of cutting toward the interior of the profile, eliminating the possibility of chipping and bad finishing
- Additional pneumatic and retractable measuring stop allows for a quick switch between short and long cuts
- 4 Pneumatic clamps (2 horizontal and 2 vertical) flatten the moulding if bent and ensure that the moulding cannot move or rock during the cutting operation
- Available in 380V or 220V triple phase

Construction & Engineering Features:

- Solid build & heavy duty design: weighing 621kg, CS 969 is designed and engineered with a focus on durability, reliability and safety
- Concrete base to absorb vibrations and get perfect cuts
- Cast aluminum cutting heads for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
- Ducted extraction at blades dramatically reduces dust by extracting it at the source
- Oversized blade collars eliminate any possible blade flex and get perfect and accurate cuts
- Reinforced bearings ensure high quality cuts and durability

Safety Features:

- High degree of safety. Due to the unique motor brake system, brakes will stop in less than 2 seconds
- CE certified and approved. Safety built-in. Meets tough European CE safety standards, totally enclosed, two-button operation keeps hands away from blades.
- Totally enclosed for clean operation. Dust extraction at the blades and easy chip clean-out help keep saw clean. Meets EU Health & Safety Regulation for Dust - Collection (<0.1mg/ m3) - Low noise carbide blades 350mm (14”) With noise reduction technology (Z27230) - Convenient blade-change system allow for easy positioning of blades for safe and comfortable access - High visibility with hardened plastic windows. - Minimal dust (2 integrated extraction ports)

Additional Information

Additional Technical Data

Power Requirements:
- 220v Triple Phase (16 Amps)
- Air Supply: 90 PSI (2 liters/cycle)

Dimensions: Height: 53" x Depth: 41 3/4" (30" without panels) x Length: 134"
Weight: 1,543 lbs
Cutting Capacity: 6 3/8" Wide x 4 3/8" Tall
Motor & Speed: 1.5kW (2hp) each; 2,800 RPM single phase - 3,200 RPM 3 phase

Optional Accessories:
- Right and left vertical clamps (Z15730)
- 1 meter right hand measuring arm extension (2.5 meters measured cut) (Z15731)
- 2 meter right hand measuring arm extension (3.5 meters measured cut) (Z15732)
- Special clamps for aluminum and thin wood (Z16005)

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