Cassese CS999 Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # LS-103020


Cassese CS999 Double Mitre Saw

SKU: LS-103020
Manufacturer: Cassese

New with Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The CS 999 from Cassese is an automatic double mitre saw 45°. The CS 999 is recognized today as being a saw with very high speed (up to 1,000 cuts per hour) and outstanding quality cut for frame mouldings, in wood, MDF and plastic.

Thanks to a vertical alternative cutting stroke, with adjustable blades’ height, you will increase the cutting speed and productivity.

The CS 999 is available in both 220V triple phase or 380V triple phase.

Its massive concrete base absorbs vibrations for absolutely perfect cuts, ensuring optimal joining of your frames.


  • Designed for high volume contract framers
  • Fastest automated double mitre saw on the market
  • Vertical cutting stroke : up to 1,000 cuts / hour
  • Solid build and heavy duty design
  • Concrete base to absorb vibrations and get perfect cuts
  • CE certified : meets new EU regulation for dust collection (<0.1mg / m3)
  • Available in 380V or 220V triple phase


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About this Item

Features & Specifications


- Fast quality production: Capable of producing up to 1,000 cuts per hour!
- 4 pneumatic clamps: 2 horizontal and 2 vertical clamps to secure and flatten the mouldings if bent
- Adjustable blades' height: To set the shorter possible cutting stroke depending on profiles' height, increasing speed, and productivity
- Adjustable speed control: Allows quality cutting of different hardness of timbers or synthetic mouldings without changing the blades
- Minimum cut-off: Thanks to the cutting head design, the cut-off is minimum, saving meters of mouldings
- 45 Degree Measuring Scale: Allows a direct, speed and accurate inside or outside measuring

Technical Information:

- Dimensions: Length - 3.090mm / Width - 834mm / Height - 1.558mm
- Cutting Capacity: Width - 88mm / Height - 100mm
- Air Supply: 6 bars / 2l/cycle
- Weight: 575 kg
- Motor's Features: 2 motors / 1.5kW, 2 hp each 2.800 rpm (50Hz) / 3.400 rpm (60Hz)
- Electric Supply: 220V (+5%) triple phase (16A) 380V / (+5%) triple phase (10A)

Additional Information

Two extensions available :

+ 78cm (+30") (Z15809)
+ 200cm (+80") (Z15810)

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