C&H BG6100 Multi Material Cutter (Used) Item # UE-081423C


C&H BG6100 Multi Material Cutter

SKU: UE-081423C
Manufacturer: C&H
Date listed: August 14, 2023

C&H BG6100 Multi Material Cutter

  • Model Number: BG6100



About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Clamp/V-rail assembly holds product up to 15mm thick.
Cuts Glass, Perspex, Foamcore and matboard with no effort required.
Self-lubricating cutting head.
Easy to mount to the wall. All brackets included.
1525mm left material rest.
Ergonomically friendly design.
Dual cutting head.
Solid steel design will remain in square indefinitely upon initial set-up.
Secures the left and right material rests at four points to ensure permanent squaring accuracy.
No blade change needed between glass and matboard or foamcore.
Flip production stops cutting glass for high-volume cutting to repeat the same dimensions. When not in use the stops simply flip up and out of your way.
Oversize boards can be cut with ease.

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