Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master (used) Item # UE-080822A (Virginia) - AIM Equipment Co.
Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master (used) Item # UE-080822A (Virginia)
Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master (used) Item # UE-080822A (Virginia)
Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master (used) Item # UE-080822A (Virginia)
Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master (used) Item # UE-080822A (Virginia)


Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master

SKU: UE-080822A
Manufacturer: Chandler
Date listed: August 8, 2022

Chandler 1200A Swatch-Master


About this Item

  • From the seller " Machine is fully functional and comes with everything needed to ?plug & play?. Except the Air compressor. I do not know the year it was manufactured. The condition is very good. I have two identical machines and only need one. The one I am selling has very little use on it. This machine has a laser pointer that shines a beam on the fabric to show where the blade will cut. You can see it in the All Brands Video. Unfortunately, I don?t have the power cord. The pointer works when plugged in if there is a cord. Chandler didn?t have this item but I will reach out to them again and see if I can track one down. It is a standard electrical plug so one could probably purchase a generic one online."

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  • ***From the manufacturer:

    Properly cut sample swatches are an attractive and ravel-resistant sales aid.
    ?A neat and accurately cut sample swatch may be your best salesman.?

    The CM1200A is a high volume, pneumatic swatch cutter designed to cut all types of fabrics.


    Fast and easy to operate
    Far superior operation compared to manual swatch cutters
    Conveniently mounted on any table top
    Low current consumption
    Two air cylinders for maximum cutting strength
    Maximum air pressure: 100 psi
    Convenient ruled-out work area
    2? Knife height lets you cut big stacks
    Easily cuts 12 inches (30cm) width material
    Runs on 110 vac power.
    Safety Features Include:

    Anti tie down relays
    Two button operation to keep hands away from blade
    Plexi-glass hand and eye guard
    Dimensions: 36 x 24? x 16? (91.5 x 61 x 40.6 cm)


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Product is located in Virginia. Customers can pick the machine up or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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