New Clearmount Shrink Wrap System for Sale, Machinery
Clearmount Shrink Wrap System (New) CR-301060


Clearmount Shrink Wrap System

SKU: CR-301060

The Clearmount Shrink Wrapping System is an easy and inexpensive way to display and protect

your artwork, photographs, frames or products.


The wand design of our system gives you tremendous flexibility to wrap

any size or shape and to effectively use your film.

The unit is portable, compact and easy to use. There is no warm up time required.

Available in three sizes: 24", 32" or 40"


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Each system includes:

-Sealing wand
-Film dispenser that does not limit you to a certain size roll of film
-Industrial heat gun
-Silicone/rubber sealing pad
-An extra sealing wire

Additional Information

Two year limited warranty on the equipment.
Parts and service are always available.

Pricing & Shipping

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