Colex SX1717 Flatbed Cutter (New) Item # CF-101010


Colex SX1717 Flatbed Cutter

SKU: CF-101010
Manufacturer: Colex

Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter System SX1717 is Colex’s most productive and value solution for automated finishing of wide format media.

Sharpcut can be used as a general purpose cutting and finishing system combining routing, knife cutting, creasing, perforating as well as textile cutting expanding your capabilities and dramatically increasing productivity. The Sharpcut SX1717 provides users with the best affordable digital cutting offering versatility, speed and price and is ideal for shops with limited space.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

-Working Area: 67” x 67”
-Machine Dimensions: 98” x 90”
-Tool Head: Triple Interchangeable Tool Head
-Camera Industrial: 3.1 Mpixel
-Vacuum System: 4 Zone (5 kWatt)
-Rapid Speed: 50 IPS/76 m/min
-Acceleration: .86 G
-Bridge Clearance: 4.0”
-Max. Cutting Thickness: 2.5”

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