COSMEC “CONQUEST 510” CNC ROUTER (ATC & BORING) (used) Item # UE-091422A (Midwest) - AIM Equipment Co.
COSMEC “CONQUEST 510” CNC ROUTER (ATC & BORING) (used) Item # UE-091422A (Midwest)
COSMEC “CONQUEST 510” CNC ROUTER (ATC & BORING) (used) Item # UE-091422A (Midwest)
COSMEC “CONQUEST 510” CNC ROUTER (ATC & BORING) (used) Item # UE-091422A (Midwest)



SKU: UE-091422A
Manufacturer: Cosmec
Date listed: September 14, 2022

From the Seller: "Good Condition."

Manufactured in 2002


About this Item

  • Spindle: 10 HP Rounter Pindle, ISO 30 type ATC Spindle, Variable Spindle Speed from 800 – 18,000 RPM, 8 – Position Crousel
  • Boring Unit: 14 – Spindle Boring Block (10 Veritcal, 4 Horizontal Spindle
  • Features & Control: (MTC) Machine Tool Camp control with a color LCD Screen, hard drive, 3 – Axis Liner and circular interpolation, network – capable with a user – friendly operator interface
  • All Axes: Incorporate brushless, close-loop Servo motors driving precision ballscrews, and ride on STAR linear guideways with an automatic lubrication system servicing the way and ballscrew bearings.
  • Complete with: Assorted Tool Holders with collet and Covernut. Documentation and Vacuum Pumps.

  • 62″ x 122″ Fixed table
  • Moving gantry design in a front-to-back configuration
  • TWO-Zone Phenolic vacuum table supported by a (2) 10 HP vacuum pumps and pop-up pins for part location
  • Dimensions 225″ L x 92″ W x 95″ H
  • Weight 9800 lbs
  • UE-091422A- RL-010774

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