CTD D20 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-071023A
CTD D20 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-071023A
CTD D20 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-071023A
CTD D20 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-071023A
CTD D20 Double Miter Saw (Used) Item # UE-071023A


CTD D20 Double Miter Saw

SKU: UE-071023A
Manufacturer: CTD
Date listed: July 10, 2023

CTD D20 Double Miter Saw

  • Model Number: D20

From the Seller: "No table and one of the motor switch is bad. Easy to replace and can be ordered aftermarket from an outlet like Grainger."



About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Standard Features and Specifications:

- Blade Capacity: 12" OD (305mm); saw blades not included.
- Spindle & Pivot: Both mounted on pre-loaded and sealed bearings; uses our time tested 200R Series saw head; saw arm, pivot brackets and table are precision machined and ground steel plate and iron.
- Arbor: 1" (25.4mm) with 2-1/2" (64mm) saw collars; 3700 RPM of spindle.
- Motors & Voltages: 1 H.P. single phase, 115 Volt, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors with toggle switch and plug; each motor draws 15 amps at 115 Volt; completely enclosed 2-belt drive; 230 Volt with Dual Magnetic Starter available.
- Floor Stand: Close coupled heavy gage steel floor stand with removable dust and scrap drawer; Rabbet Measuring System included.
- Actuation: Manual hand operation of independent saw heads.
- Size & Weight: 46" (117cm) Wide x 22" (56cm) front to back x 56" (142cm) High"; Weight 300 lbs. (136 kg).
- Production Rate: Up to five frames per minute; actual production rates vary with the type and width of material to be cut.
- Dust Collection & Scrap: The D20R is provided with a dust and scrap drawer; most of the dust and chips will fall into this drawer; empty as needed; 4" (102mm) dust outlet available; 600 CFM required.
- Cutting Capacity: 3" (76.2mm) High x 5-3/4" (146mm) Wide on non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic sections.

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