Daige 24.5″ Maxit Adhesive System (used) Item # UE-091622A (Wisconsin) - AIM Equipment Co.
Daige 24.5″ Maxit Adhesive System (used) Item # UE-091622A (Wisconsin)
Daige 24.5″ Maxit Adhesive System (used) Item # UE-091622A (Wisconsin)
Daige 24.5″ Maxit Adhesive System (used) Item # UE-091622A (Wisconsin)


Daige 24.5" Maxit Adhesive System

SKU: UE-091622A
Manufacturer: Daige
Date listed: September 16, 2022

From the Seller: "Brand New Machine used 1 time, just do not do that kind of work anymore Great for Mounting prints photos all kinds of stuff pressure sensitive adhesive rolls it on till you stick it to something really nice. Comes with new Box of glue packets and it is already full of glue does 100's of items and more!"

Hot Adhesive

Size: 24.5"

***From the Manufacturer:

MAXIT ADHESIVE SYSTEM: Superior performance, superior adhesion; Costs thousands less than comparable coaters; Lasts for decades; 24.5 coating width
GREAT FOR ADHERING: Duplexed business cards, Custom invitations, Album and hard covers, Wide format prints, Presentations, Custom labels, No clean up of coater at end of day, Provides a permanent bond to all surfaces, Eliminates spray adhesive mess, Eliminates warping from cold gluesCosts less per sq. ft. than adhesive rolls and sheets, Faster to apply the adhesive to media


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