Daige Maxit 24.5″ Adhesive Coater (used) Item # UE-041522E (Texas)
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Daige Maxit 24.5″ Adhesive Coater (used) Item # UE-041522E (Texas)
Daige Maxit 24.5″ Adhesive Coater (used) Item # UE-041522E (Texas)
Daige Maxit 24.5″ Adhesive Coater (used) Item # UE-041522E (Texas)


Daige Maxit 24.5" Adhesive Coater

SKU: UE-041522E
Manufacturer: Daige
Date listed: April 15, 2022

Daige Maxit 24.5" Adhesive Coater

  • Hot Adhesive
  • Size: 24.5"

From the Seller: "This is great for duplexing letterpress, embossed, or foil stamped business cards, invitations, or mounting photos or paper. No clean up! When you are done just turn it off and the glue will cool and harden. Includes plenty of extra adhesive. Adhesive is specifically for guillotine cutting for no residue on the blade. I have used this for all my duplexed business cards and invitations and it has a great permanent bond and even coverage."


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***From the Manufacturer:

Superior performance, superior adhesion

- Costs thousands less than comparable coaters
- Lasts for decades
- Available in 12.5", 24.5" and 36.5" coating widths


- Duplexed business cards
- Custom invitations
- Album and hard covers
- Wide format prints
- Presentations
- Custom labels


- No clean up of coater at end of day
- Provides a permanent bond to all surfaces
- Eliminates spray adhesive mess
- Eliminates warping from cold glues
- Costs less per sq. ft. than adhesive rolls and sheets
- Faster to apply the adhesive to media


Both RP and MXII adhesives provide a permanent, fibre tear bond and are non toxic, non hazardous and Acid free. They are clean to work with as they do not transfer to your fingers.


Developed for duplexing business cards and custom invitations. After applying the adhesive, have 2 minutes to adhere your media. It then cures out over time (around 4 hours) so when you trim your items the adhesive will not transfer to the cutting blade.

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