Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder (Used) Item # UE-110223C
Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder (Used) Item # UE-110223C
Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder (Used) Item # UE-110223C
Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder (Used) Item # UE-110223C


Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder

SKU: UE-110223C
Manufacturer: Dekken
Date listed: November 2, 2023

Dekken T-Apparel T-Shirt & Garment Folder

  • Year Manufactured: 2021
  • Item Under Warranty: No
  • Can Item Be Inspected On-Site: Yes
  • Reason for Selling: "Does not perform types of folds our product requires."

From the Seller: "Machine is in excellent condition. Very little use for a production machine. Total count is only 128,302"


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

T-Apparel Possibilities

The T-Apparel is fully automatic and can fold and stack all kinds of clothes, apparel, and garments.

Once the pieces are folded, they are directed to the lift stacker station or directly to the delivery belt located on the rear of the machine.

The folding program can be selected directly by the touch panel or via scanner/barcode reader.

The pieces are placed on the infeed conveyor belt. For a perfect feeding quality, the conveyor belt can switch between three running modes: automatic, button or continuously running.

Apparels are easily fed with the shoulders upwards for a perfect result (RETAIL QUALITY).

The T- APPAREL provides a quality stop feature. With this feature enabled, long pieces take an additional stop for quality correction before the actual folds are made.

The Lateral Fold

The T- Apparel is able to carry out all kinds of folding patterns. After feeding, the piece enters the lateral folding section. The lateral folds are done by air in combination with position controlled folding templates. The length of each piece is measured automatically for the highest quality result. The controlled roof position allows folding of thick and stiff as well as lite and slippery textile and dry-fit. The lenght of the lateral fold section allows all sizes to be folded.

What the T-Apparel folds

- T-shirts
- Polo shirts
- Undershirts
- Tops
- Singlets
- Trousers
- Lady dresses
- Hoodies
- Dry fit
- Sweaters
- Items with short or long sleeves
- Aprons
- Banners
- Blankets
- Button Up Shirts
- Coveralls
- Leggings
- Polo shirts
- Tank Tops
- Towels
- Uniforms

and much more!

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