D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System (New) Item # DK-105120
D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System (New) Item # DK-105120
D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System (New) Item # DK-105120
D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System (New) Item # DK-105120


D&K Double Kote Jr. Lamination System

SKU: DK-105120
Manufacturer: D&K Group

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The Double Kote Jr. offers two-sided lamination capabilities in a modular format. The complete Double Kote Jr. system includes a sheet feeder, laminator, cutter, and jogger box. These components can be purchased separately based on production needs and are also available together in a fully automated system. The Double Kote Jr. features D&K's revolutionary NT rollers for extremely accurate and maintenance-free operation.

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About this Item

  • Available in full system or purchase each component as your business grows.
  • Versatile laminating width of 26".
  • Sheet feeder available in 27"x30" or 27"x40".
  • Swing out mandrels for easy laminating film loading and quick changeovers.
  • Digital touch pad controls for precision adjustments.
  • Full lamination system requires only one operator.
  • Revolutionary NT roller holds temperature to +/- 3 degrees Fahrenheit throughout operation.
  • Uses fans for rapid cooling of web and Accu II High Speed cutter for sealed edge or flush cutting.
  • Ability to run 10 mil laminating films at up to 25 fpm.
Technical Specifications
  • Lamination System Dimensions: 5' W x 19.75' L x 5' H.
  • Electrical: 230V single phase 60 amp (w/ neutral).
  • Air: 8 cfm @ 80 psi.
  • Warmup Time: 20 minutes.
  • Lamination Speeds: 1.5 mil – 50 fpm; 3 mil – 40 fpm; 5 mil – 30 fpm; 7 mil & 10 mil – 25 fpm.
  • Min Cut Sheet Size: 8 1/2" x 11".
  • Max Cut Sheet Size: 27" x Handfeed or Web.
  • Min Sheet Thickness: 80 lb Text.
  • Max Sheet Thickness: 20 pt. Board.

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