D&K System 3210 High Speed Laminator (New) Item # NFE-1037 - AIM Equipment Co.
D&K System 3210 High Speed Laminator (New) Item # NFE-1037
D&K System 3210 High Speed Laminator (New) Item # NFE-1037
D&K System 3210 High Speed Laminator (New) Item # NFE-1037


D&K System 3210 High Speed Laminator

SKU: NFE-1037
Manufacturer: D&K Group

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The System 3210 provides technologically advanced finishing capabilities with speed and flexibility that surpasses expectations. The System 3210 offers one-sided lamination at speeds up to 100 fpm for high volume production. This system includes an automated sheet feeder, one-sided laminator with dual adjustable nip roller sets, a bladed sheet separator and jogger box.



About this Item

  • Features:

      • Flexible with print stock sizes. Printed sheets from 8 1/2? x 11? up to 31? x 40.?

      • Cut sheet feeder delivers consistent under-lap, ensuring a more accurate process from start to finish.

      • NT Rollers heat without water or oil, making them virtually maintenance free.

      • Decurling bar with patented D&K ?brake? system results in flat sheets, regardless of paper thickness.

      • Swing out mandrel allows easy laminating film roll changes for quicker loading and changeovers with less down time.

      • Automatic blade separator cuts film between sheets instead of bursting. This allows you to run all thermal films from 1.0 ? 3mil effectively without sheet curl.

      • Automated Separator (cutter) utilizes a laser sensor for precise lap detection, eliminating torn or ripped sheets.


      • Laminator Dimensions: 5 1/2? W x 15? L x 5? H (168 cm x 442 cm x 152.4 cm)

      • Electrical: 230 Volt 60 50/60hz 1 phase (w/ neutral and ground)

      • Air: 10 cfm @ 100 psi

      • Laminator Warm-up Time: 15 minutes

      • Lamination Speeds: Up to 100 fpm (30.5 meters per minute)

      • Lamination Temp. Range: 180?F ? 300?F (70?C ? 140?C)

      • Min Cut Sheet Size: 8 1/2? x 11? (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm)

      • Max Cut Sheet Size: 31? x 40? (78.7 cm x 101.6 cm)

      • Min Sheet Thickness for Lamination: 80 lb Text

      • Max Sheet Thickness for Lamination: 20 pt. Board

      • Available Options:

          • Embossed laminator roller (for linen and similar textures)

          • Preloader

          • Release liner takeup to laminate with pressure sensitive (cold) laminating films

          • Stacker system for perfectly registered laminated sheets

          • System 3210 Sheet Feeder

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