Drytac Jetmounter JM55 Laminator (New) Item # NFE-140
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Drytac Jetmounter JM55 Laminator (New) Item # NFE-140
Drytac Jetmounter JM55 Laminator (New) Item # NFE-140


Drytac Jetmounter JM55 Laminator

SKU: NFE-140
Manufacturer: Drytac

Please note: This machine has been discontinued by Dryac in 2018. Visit our catalog and call us to see if any used or refurbished machines are available.

The JM55 Force is a heavy-duty, entry level laminator that is designed for users who require durability and functionality over the long-term. It is excellent for mounting, laminating and decaling pressure sensitive materials.

Size: 55"


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features of the Force Include:

- A laminating width of 55" (1397mm)
- Large 4.7" (120mm) diameter non-stick rollers
- Speed control up to 20 ft (6m) per minute
- 1" (25mm) nip opening
- Nip pressure indicator
- Removable front table
- Heavy-duty metal construction with lockable casters
- "Hold flat" paper in-feed guide
- Top and bottom auto-grip supply shafts with brake tension control
- Top auto-grip take-up shaft
- Single mechanical height/pressure adjustment
- Interchangeable 110V or 220V electrical configuration
- Emergency stops and safety photo sensors for protection.

  • Size: 55"

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