Duplo 5000 System Collators and Booklet Maker (used) Item # UE-102721F (North Carolina)
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Duplo 5000 System Collators and Booklet Maker

SKU: UE-102721F
Date listed: October 27, 2021

Heidelberg PFH 66 Folder

Year 2005

Serial Number 050200843

Signature Bookletmaking application Sheet Size Min. 4.72" x 6.7" Max. 14" x 20"

Paper Capacity Up to 25 sheets

General Speed: Up to 5,000 sets per hour

Detections Wire draw detection

Number of stitching heads 2 Hohner

Stitch Positions Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only)

Programmable Memory Settings 12

Automatic Functions Stitcher heads, back jogger, side guides, stitch stopper, fold stopper, fold-back stopper positions, small booklet adjustments, fold roller gap, conveyance roller position, center reference, disengage the operator side stitching head when corner stitching

Electrical 120V 60Hz 6.5A

Dimensions 64? x 28? x 40?

Weight 908 lbs.

DBM-500T Specifications Trimming Mechanism: Upper and lower shearing action

Booklet Sizes Min. 4.72" x 3.35" Max. 14" to 10"

Trimmed Booklet Sizes (Min./ Max) 4.72? x 3? to 14? x 10?

Trim Margin Up to 1"

Speed Up to 5,000 sets per hour

Electrical 120V 60Hz 10A

Dimensions 23? x 27.5? x 43

Weight 532 lbs.

DBM-400STR Specifications Sheet Capacity Min. 8.25" x 5.5" Max. 13.77" x 19.68"

Paper Capacity 17"

Speed Up to 10,000 sets per hour

Electrical 120V 60Hz 2.2A

Dimensions 30? x 35? x 35?

Weight 325lbs.

Features Automatic size change; 13 programmable memory settings; straight or offset stacking; jam and door open detectors

Collator DC-10/60 Specifications Paper Size: Min. 4.72? x 5.52? to Max. 14? x 20?

Paper Weight 11 lb. to 12-pt. cover

Bin Capacity 2.5"

Detections Double-feed, misfeed, paper jam, paper transport jam, bin empty

Speeds Bookletmaking - up to 5,000 sets per hour Collating - up to 10,000 sets per hour

Feed System Vacuum belt with air sheet separation

Electrical 120V 60Hz 9.5A

Dimensions 25? x 30? x 78? 49? x 30? x 78? when connected to the lift unit

Weight 705 lbs.

This machine can be picked up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee.

UE-102721F - 2603

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