Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System (Used) Item # UE-052323A
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Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System (Used) Item # UE-052323A
Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System (Used) Item # UE-052323A
Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System (Used) Item # UE-052323A


Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System

SKU: UE-052323A
Manufacturer: Eastman
Date listed: May 23, 2023

Eastman Eagle-S125 Static Table Cutter / Cutting System

  • Model Number: Eagle-S125
  • Year Manufactured: 2015

From the Seller: "We are still using it. Working area is 60 inches x 24 feet.  It is in good working order. Video available upon request, and can be inspected on site."


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

Single to Low-Ply Cutting
Industrial Design for Rigorous Use
High-Flow Vacuum System for Industry Leading Material Hold-Down
Intelligent and User-Friendly Operating Software

The equipment can cut, mark and punch almost any flexible material at speeds up to sixty (60) inches per second. Eastman’s static cutting table has proven to be the go-to resource for materials such as nylon, cotton, and vinyl. The cutting machine can also cut difficult materials such as fiberglass, p-tex, and polyester blends.

Eastman’s Eagle S125™ Static Cutting Table provides superior cutting performance and increased throughput. Capable of marking, cutting, drilling and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second (152.4cm/s), the Eagle S125™ registers accuracy of +/- .015 inches (.4mm), with higher accuracies available. This machine can be configured to a width of 60 inch to 198 inch and for a length of 8 feet to 168 feet.

The user interface of Eastman Pro™ is virtually intuitive. The software makes it easy to control tool types, speeds, accelerations, and restart a file, or recut pieces. Eastman Pro™ aids efficiency by removing common lines, duplicate entities, and edge cuts. Material is spread across the static table and its internal blower system ensures material hold-down for cutting accuracy.

The gantry passes over the material, cutting with speed and accuracy.

The Gantry assembly is driven along the x-axis by dual motors located at each end of the gantry tube. The Y-carriage is supported on the gantry and is driven along the Y-axis by a single motor contained within the Y-carriage. The interchangeable tool head assembly is attached to the Y-carriage and contains either two or three spindles for cutting along with the theta axis motor. All electronics for driving the gantry and tool head devices are located adjacent to the component being driven or controlled. The electronics are interconnected throughout the system by a SynqNet network cable.

The gantry also features a touch screen display, joy stick control and tool on/off switch.

An electronic enclosure is integrated within the frame assembly. Included within this assembly are the transformers, relays, circuit breakers, filters for the entire system.

The operator controls and manages the cutting process using the Eastman operating control software “Eastman Pro™”.

The “Eastman Pro™” software is a powerful, flexible and windows based program residing in the main CPU.
SynqNet is an all digital motion network specifically designed for high performance motion applications. SynqNet can perform all system level control and use one network for supporting motion control and Input /Output. SynqNet provides the facility of creating a motion network with centralized control and distributed hardware, which allows placing discrete Input / Output modules in more convenient locations for shorter cable runs.

SynqNet also makes it possible to troubleshoot the machine remotely. An operator can examine the status bits of the machine through software to get a clear indication of the error status for quicker maintenance and repair.

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