EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine (New) Item # GM-3
EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine (New) Item # GM-3
EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine (New) Item # GM-3
EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine (New) Item # GM-3
EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine (New) Item # GM-3


EGW Vertical Glass Washing Machine


Manufacturer's Information:

Quality machines at an?AFFORDABLE?price, gives you the best value in the industry.? Our heavy duty glass washing machines are suitable to wash and dry flat glass.? The machines are designed considering the long term working period, with very user friendly operations and all come with a 1 year warranty.

Loading and Unloading Conveyors:

* Sturdy electro welded steel construction, treated with anti corrosion epoxy paint.

* Transport rollers are vulcanized and rectified, being made with NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber)

* Transmission uses conical pinions for high reliability and controlling of working speed

* Gears are black oxide steel construction for durability and long working life

* Top quality electrical components

Washing and Rinsing Sections:

*? Water tanks are built with wheels for easy removal and cleaning and equipped with "fast plugs" so they can be easily drained without any disassembly

* Water tanks are built with a slope to allow contaminents to run to center and away from water pumps.

* Water tanks are equipped with 2 sets of filters for ease of cleaning.

* Machine cabinet, covers, and water tanks all made of 304 Stainless Steel

* Straight hair brushes are used and typically last 2 to 3 times those of sprial wound brushes.? These brushes are safe for all Low E and soft coat glass

* Water pumps are professional quality vertical inline pumps

Drying Section:

* Multiple stainless steel air knives arranged in a Z pattern to ensure high speed drying to all glass surfaces (available on some models)

* Air knives are supplied air by multiple high output fans mounted on a sturdy electro welded steel construction frame.? Fan box is surrounded with sound dampening material to meet standard limit db's

* Multiple sets of high absorbing sponge rollers (avaiable on some models)


About this Item

  • Specifications: 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm

    *?Open top design (closed top machines also available)

    * Speed: 0 - 7m/min

    * Max. glass size: 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm

    * Min. glass size: 400mm x 400mm (custom smaller size compatible available)

    * Thickness range: 3mm - 19mm

    * Power: 220V or 480V 3phase 60hz

    *Weight: 1600mm (2000kg), 2000mm (2,500kg), 2500mm (3,500kg)

    * Size: 1600mm ( 6000mm x 2000mm x 2800mm)

    ?????????? 2000mm ( 6000mm x 2000mm x 3200mm)

    ?????????? 2500mm ( 6500mm x 2400mm x 4000mm)

Pricing & Shipping

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