Elumatec KS 101/30 Vee-Notch and Notching Saw (New) Item # GE-101010


Elumatec KS 101/30 Vee-Notch and Notching Saw

SKU: GE-101010
Manufacturer: Elumatec

Vee-Notch and notching saw.

New w/ Factory Warranty


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- Cutting range for Vee-cuts: cutting depth 80 mm, profile height 100 mm
- Saw blade diameter 300 mm
- Saw blade speed 2,800 rpm
- Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
- Power output per motor 0.9 kW
- Compressed air supply 7 bar
- Air consumption per working cycle 20 l without spraying, 44 l with spraying
- Length 980 mm, depth 800 mm, height 1,650 mm, weight 240 kg

Additional Information

- Precision Vee-cuts in aluminum and PVC profiles
- Pneumatic continuously adjustable saw blade feed for fast and precise sawing with rapid return
- Simple setting of cutting depth
- Equipped with connection for swarf extraction hose and swarf container as standard
- Equipped with saw blades as standard
- Equipped with pulsed coolant system as standard

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