Elumatec ZS 720 LV 2- Head Plastic Welding / Welder Machine (used) Item # UGW-3
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Elumatec ZS 720 LV 2- Head Plastic Welding / Welder Machine (used) Item # UGW-3
Elumatec ZS 720 LV 2- Head Plastic Welding / Welder Machine (used) Item # UGW-3


Elumatec ZS 720 LV 2- Head Plastic Welding / Welder Machine


Elumatec ZS 720 LV 2- Head Plastic Welding / Welder Machine

From the seller: " This used Plastic Welding machine is in Good Condition."

Model: ZS720LV

240 volts, 3 phase

From the manufacturer:



  • Fixed L-head (90?)
  • Variable L-head (30? ? 180?)
  • Continuously adjustable stops make it possible to weld any angle from 30????180?
  • Heated welding bead limiting blade, configurable for a welding bead limitation of 0.2 to 2.0 mm, for welding profiles covered with a film or acrylic coating
  • Also suitable for welding large-volume profiles (monobloc)
  • Automatic adjustment for different profile cross-sections by means of a sensor-controlled melting time
  • Easy maintenance, e.g. through simple cleaning of the welding plates, special clamping springs for fast Teflon film changing
  • Changing the profile stop plate for different melting losses is easy (standard, 6 mm)
  • Corrosion-resistant welding carriage guide
  • Height-adjustable support arms included as standard

Technical specifications

  • Two L-plates
  • Width of L-plate 340 mm
  • Height of L-plate 300 mm
  • Profile width at 90? max. 180 mm
  • Profile width at 180? max. 220 mm
  • Profile height max. 210 mm
  • Profile height min. 40 mm
  • Profile height with special adapter min. 20 mm
  • Profile length max. 2,520 mm (special lengths optional)
  • Smallest frame dimension 480 mm
  • Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50/60 Hz
  • Power output 5.2 kW
  • Compressed air supply 6 ? 8 bar
  • Air consumption per weld 120 l
  • Length 3,265 mm, depth 750 mm, height 1,800 mm, weight 950 kg


  • Gasket downholder for the inside corner area
  • Welding supports
  • Welding supports for profiles with gasket already installed
  • Profile stop for small frames (melting loss) results in smallest frame dimension, 300 mm
  • Support arms

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Customers can pick this machine up in Canada or shipped for an additional fee.

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