Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)
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Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)
Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)
Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)
Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)
Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table (used) Item # UE-030921C (North Carolina)


Esko Kongsberg C24S Cutting Table

SKU: UE-030921C
Date listed: March 9, 2021

Manufactured in 2017
Serial #857082

Designed to handle all types of substrates, thick to thin
Capacity: The Kongsberg C is the only super-wide finisher to offer a 3kW continuous duty high-performance milling unit.
Consistency: The Kongsberg C delivers the same performance every time, even on the most demanding materials or for the most complex jobs.

Choice: The Kongsberg C offers size and productivity simultaneously, eliminating the need to own dedicated digital finishers for different applications.

Complete: The Kongsberg C offers a full solution consisting of hardware, software, bits & blades, and services.
Tooling system: The Kongsberg C performance tooling increases throughput and quality.

Fast Tool Adapter: unlock extra production power with your Kongsberg C table. No need for tool changes, just let the Kongsberg run through the job with two Fast Tools. *Faster throughput with clever tool combinations *Less manual tool changing during production *Improve output quality, especially on soft signage materials like vinyls
Heavy Duty Tool Position: • Large-size crease wheels for recycled liners and heavy duty boards • V-notch inserts for triple wall corrugated, honeycomb boards and solid board • 50 kg down force for the best creasing and perforating results • Straight-blade knife insert for long, straight cuts in heavy-duty boards • Crease blade insert for polypropylene boards • High-Power Milling Unit • Foam Cutting Unit • The optional Dual Heavy Duty Unit combines two independent wheels in one heavy-duty unit. This unit makes it possible to cut, crease and perforate a single job without the need to change tools.

Insert Position: • Drill Tool Insert • Ballpoint Pen Insert • FiberTip Tool

Fast Tool Position: High-frequency VibraCut Tool, VibraCut Tool and CorruSpeed Tool Reciprocating and static tools for corrugated board, ranging from micro flute to triple wall, paper core boards, foamboards and thin foam panels

Hi-Force Knife Tool, Psaligraphy Tool and RM Knife Tool Static knife tools for compact materials; paper, folding carton, solid board and synthetic sheets such as PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate, etc
PressCut Tool Tool for adhesive vinyl, with programmable blade pressure

RotaCut Tool Motor-driven, rotating knife tool for textile materials
Braille Tool Tool for making braille signs, works together with milling tool

MultiZone production MultiZone production allows you to load two sheets at the same time and maximize the production capacity on your Kongsberg cutting table without expensive automation add-ons.

Barcode production Ensures consistent production, final quality and is especially recommended when several unique jobs are lined up.

The camera will read the barcode automatically and apply the correct tooling and production settings. • QR • Data Matrix • Code39 • Multiple stacks support • MultiZone support

i-cut Production Console provides graphical icon based communication and a personalized (separate login) operator interface in many languages. iPC includes technology for smart production methods, planning, reporting and everything else needed to ensure consistent, on time production.

Unique id 20210206DNC857082


About this Item

  • Work area: 66" x 126"
  • Work area, MZ production, standard tabletop 66" x 57"
  • Max. material width, w/o conveyor feed 68" x 146"
  • Max. material width, w/ conveyor feed 66"
  • Overall dimensions incl. workstation 142" x 154"
  • Max. speed 100 m/min - 66 in/sec
  • Max. acceleration 1.72 G 17.2 m/s²
  • Vacuum sections 8
  • Traverse clearance (excl. cutting underlay) 2.75"
  • Maximum cutting / milling thickness 2"
  • Weight 1325
  • Electrical 115Volts 15Amps Single Phase 60Hz 1400W

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