FIAC Silver 3 Silent Rotary Screw Air Compressors (New) Item # WR-104020


FIAC Silver 3 Silent Rotary Screw Air Compressors

SKU: WR-104020

NEW SILVER is the ideal solution for customers who need a complete air station, which is easy to use and suitable for continuous and constant operation over time.

A SILVER air compressor is a silent encapsulated rotary screw compressor designed for performance and reliability. The FIAC silver air compressor model comes equipped with a TEFC high-efficiency electric motor, WYE Delta Starter, Sound attenuating enclosure, FIAC easy control microprocessor panel, after cooler, thermostatically controlled axial cooling fan and two stage vibration isolation to further reduce noise levels.

Types of FIAC NEW SILVER Compressors:

FIAC quiet rotary screw air compressors are available in a wide variety of models, which range from 3-50 HP. The FIAC Silver air compressors are easy to service, adopt an advanced encapsulated air end minimizing connection points and allow for optimal use of cabinet space.
The FIAC New Silver 10, Silver 15, and Silver 20 have features that make them the best in class, reliable, and efficient FIAC air compressor models.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Key Features:

- Best performances of the category, high efficiency and reliability guaranteed by the new air end.
- Effective cooling system.
- FIAC Easy control basic, manages, monitors and optimizes the duty cycle of the unit, the reduction of the power consumption is obtained thanks to an effective and reliable adjustable start/stop.
- Easy and immediate reading of the data.
- IP 54, insulation Class F, continuous duty electric motor is oversized on every unit. Electric components are positioned inside an IP 54 box.
- The drain tap is easily affixed to the foot of the tank.
- Solid chassis, completely realized in painted metal parts.
- Optimal low noise level through soundproof panels made by high density of cells.
- Long life and high performance over time.
- Optimal and efficient drying of compressed air.
- Immediate data retrieval & reading
- Class F insulation
- Solid sheet metal frame
- Acoustic panels for sound proofing
- IP 54 Electrical panel

Additional Information

Why Choose a Fiac SILVER Air Compressor?
There are many benefits to choosing a base mounted quiet screw rotary compressor. The screw unit has low running speeds and high efficiency, and this results in reliability with a low noise level. The SILVER series of air compressors are also easy to maintain because they were designed with easily accessible parts.

Common Industries and Applications for SIVER Air Compressors
Werther provides the SILVER air compressors to small producers, big industry, and all sizes in between. Each industry has very different needs and applications for these products. Some of the common industries we serve include:

Food & Beverage

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