Fletcher AMP MN-355 Double Mitre Saw w/ AG-2000M Programmable Measuring System (New) Item # FT-101000


Fletcher AMP MN-355 Double Mitre Saw w/ AG-2000M Programmable Measuring System

SKU: FT-101000
Manufacturer: Fletcher

AMP's MN-355 is a Heavy Duty Double Mitre Saw designed to cut 45° mitre joints in Wood, MDF, Plastics and Aluminum Materials. The MN-355 can cut materials up to 6" wide and 4" high. The heavy duty design is achieved using precision machined cast components for saw head, pivot assembly and motor base.

All portions of the saw base are fabricated with a heavy gauge steel and normalized, a metallurgical process to ensure all stress is removed before machining and drilling for saw cutting heads and guide fence.

The cutting process is foot pedal actuated for production output speed, and minimizes reliance on operator for consistent, accurate and repeatable cutting.

The MN-355 Saw System consists of a 1.5Hp motor, and includes:vertical clamps, and a set of 14" Tenryu Saw Blades.

Production Capacity- Up to 800 Cuts/Hour

Single Motion Cycle- (2) Cuts per Cycle

AG 2000 Automatic Gauge - Cut Measurement System

The AG 2000 Auto Gauge System integrates with the AMP Double Mitre Saw Technology to provide a complete system that automatically measures moulding lengths, and precisely cuts 45 Mitre Joints for picture framing, canvas framing and mirror fabrication.

The AG 2000 is suitable for custom framers as well as production operations. For the custom framer, the Auto Gauge simplifies and speeds up the process with quick change over to different lengths by recalling stored programs initiated through the Controllers key pad. Up to 5000 with new controller programs can be created and stored.

For OEM operations requiring the need for mass customization, and who are producing many different frame sizes customized to specific customer needs, the AG 2000 offers production operations flexibility and quick change over efficiency to different frame sizes while controlling production cost.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Performance Features & Software Functionality:

-Automatic Positioning System
-Programmed Measuring System
-Electronic Positioning Stop with Precision and Repeatability
-Automatic Set-up time
-Width Measurement Device automatically measures moulding width

AG-2000 Software Functionality

-Easy Touch Screen Programming Multi-Language
-Program Frame Size & Cutting Sequence
-Express Screen Option for Pre-Set Frame Sizes
-Unique Frame In Frame Functionality Automatic Moulding Length Calculator
-Automatically Calculates External Dimensions of first Inner Frame
-Automatically Programs up to 5 Frame Layers
-Power Requirements: Single Phase 110/230Volt 50/60Hz-1Kw
-Weight: 308 lbs. (180kg)
-Dimensions: 112"(2850mm) x 23" (590mm) x 60" (1350mm)
-Maximum External Cut: 78.5" (2000mm)
-Minimum External Cut: 6" (150mm)
-Measuring Accuracy: .004"( 0.1mm)
-Positioning Speed: 2,362"/Minute
-Maximum Moulding Width: Up to 4" (100mm)
-Maximum Moulding Height: Up to 3" (80mm)

Additional Information

Machine Weight and Dimensions:

Saw Dimensions: 48"L x 24"W x 54"H

Shipping Container Dimensions: 65" x 45" x 70"

96" Manual Measuring Table / Shipping Container Dimensions: 120"L x 12"W x 12"H
(saw that appears in photo shows the optional programmable gauge and optional infeed table)

Saw Weight: 850 lbs.

Manual Measuring Table Weight: 235 lbs.

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