Fletcher AMP MN-355 Double Mitre Saw w/ Manual Measuring Table (New) Item # FT-101010


Fletcher AMP MN-355 Double Mitre Saw w/ Manual Measuring Table

SKU: FT-101010
Manufacturer: Fletcher

From the Manufacturer:
AMP's MN-355 is a Heavy Duty Double Mitre Saw designed to cut 45° mitre joints in Wood, MDF, Plastics and Aluminum Materials. The MN-355 can cut materials up to 6" wide and 4" high. The heavy duty design is achieved using precision machined cast components for saw head, pivot assembly and motor base.

All portions of the saw base are fabricated with a heavy gauge steel and normalized, a metallurgical process to ensure all stress is removed before machining and drilling for saw cutting heads and guide fence.

The cutting process is foot pedal actuated for production output speed, and minimizes reliance on operator for consistent, accurate and repeatable cutting.

The MN-355 Saw System consists of a 1.5Hp motor, and includes:vertical clamps, 96" manual measuring table and a set of Tenryu Saw Blades.

Production Capacity - Up to 800 Cuts/Hour
Single Motion Cycle - (2) Cuts per Cycle


About this Item

  • Machine Weight and Dimensions
  • aw Dimensions: 48″L x 24″W x 54″H / Shipping Container Dimensions: 65″ x 45″ x 70″
  • 96" Manual Measuring Table / Shipping Container Dimensions: 120"L x 12"W x 12"H (saw that appears in photo show the optional programmable gauge and optional infeed table)
  • Saw Weight: 850 lbs
  • Manual Measuring Table Weight: 235 lbs
  • Safety Features
  • Voltage Overload Protection
  • Guarding for Foot-Pedal, Drive Belts and Saw Blades
  • Totally enclosed Fan Cooled Motors
  • OSHA required NEMA-12 oil-tight Electric Circuitry Control
  • Electrical and Pneumatic Requirements
  • Electrical requirements 230VAC / 3Phase / 60Hz / 15FLA
  • Pneumatic requirements 85PSI / 3CFM
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • Unique Performance Features
  • Timing belt driven saw blades with precision machined spindles and double bearing support
  • Adjustable Saw Feed Rate Control
  • Dual magnetic motor starter with pushbutton control
  • Balanced and Pinned Saw Blade Assemblies for quiet production operations
  • Technical Data
  • Blade Diameter: 355mm
  • Arbor Diameter: 0.625" (15.87mm)
  • Blade Motor: 1.5HP / 3450RPM / TEFC
  • Blade Speed: 12,000 SFM

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