Fletcher AMP T-400 / T400 Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # FT-100010
Fletcher AMP T-400 / T400 Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # FT-100010
Fletcher AMP T-400 / T400 Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # FT-100010
Fletcher AMP T-400 / T400 Double Mitre Saw (New) Item # FT-100010


Fletcher AMP T-400 / T400 Double Mitre Saw

SKU: FT-100010
Manufacturer: Fletcher

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The T-400 Saw is designed to cut 45 degree mitres precisely for picture framing and woodworking applications such as windows, doors, and furniture components. The T-400 can handle all wood, plastic, and metal materials with a moulding height up to 3 1/2" (80mm) and a moulding width up to 3.937" (100mm).

This heavy duty saw is built for medium to high production environments. Its unique pneumatic control system results in a very smooth down-stroke movement, precise cut, and a quick return process. Two saw blades are fixed at 45 degree angles and vertically move up and down. With each stroke, the two mitres are cut from the moulding with the least amount of scrap. During the cutting process, the moulding is held firmly in place by four pneumatic clamps ensuring high quality cutting.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Unique Performance Features

- Comfortable two-handed push button operation
- Fully adjustable mould clamping via push button/foot pedal operation
- Adjustable blade descent speed for soft or hard wood requirements
- Adjustable cutting speed
- Adjustable blade height
- Quick blade change
- Quick read-out feed measurement and scale support
- Dual measurement production stops
- Solid feed-in support table
- Directional off-cut chute for external waste collection
- Adaptable with an Auto Gage production feature
- Cutting Speed: Up to 800 cuts/hour

Technical Data

- Cutting Action: Pneumatic/Vertical
- Blade Size: 15.7" (400mm)
- Moulding Max Width: 3.937" (100mm)
- Moulding Max Height: 3 1/2" (80mm)
- Vertical Clamping System: Pneumatic Foot Pedal – Manually Adjustable
- Out-feed Table: Left & Right 120mm (47")
- Optional Out-feed Extension: 120mm (47") (optional)
- Equipped with two measurement stops

Safety Features

- Fully enclosed work unit with no external moving parts
- Emergency push button cut-off switch
- Front door guard micro cut-off switch
- Adjustable polycarbonate front guard depending on mould thickness
- Two-handed operation to actuate saw cutting process
- Motor brake system
- Fail-safe descending head
- CE Compliant

Additional Information

AG-2000 Cut Measurement System - Accessory Item

The AG-2000 is suitable for custom framers as well as production operations. For the custom framer, the Auto Gauge simplifies and speeds up the process with quick change over to different lengths by recalling stored programs initiated through the touch-screen controller.

For OEM operations requiring thee need for mass customization, and who produce many different frame sizes customized to specific customer needs, the AG-2000 offers production operations flexibility and quick change over efficiency to different frame sizes while controlling production cost.

Electrical and Pneumatic Requirements

- Dust Collection Scrap Chute - 2 Ports 3 1/2" (80mm)
- Power Requirements 3 Phases – 230/400 Volt – 50/60Hz - 3Kw
- Air Requirements 100 psi - 4 cfm - 8Nl
- Oil filter pressure regulator
- Weight: 1,102 lbs. (500kg)
- Dimensions: 39 3/8" (1000mm) x 39 3/8" (1000mm) x 71" (1800mm)

Replacement and Accessory Items

- Saw Replacement Blade for wood and soft materials – 400mm x 30mm
- Saw Replacement Blade for aluminum – 400mm x 30mm
- Measurement Table Extension – Right – 48” (1220mm)
- Measurement Table Extension – Left – 48” (1220mm)
- T-400 Auto Measuring Gauge System
- Mist Spray Coolant System for Metal Cutting

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