Fletcher F-60 Semi-Rigid Flexible Cutter (New) Item # FT-106000


Fletcher F-60 Semi-Rigid Flexible Cutter

SKU: FT-106000
Manufacturer: Fletcher


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Purchase Package: Includes (3) Plastic Knife Blade Jackets

Replaces the straight edge and knife. Features a unique plastic knife design that allows quick and safe blade changes, a lock-down pressure clamp tightly securing materials during the cutting process and a lock and cut function for operator cutting control. Cutting capacity of 62 (1.57m).

Able to be used as a tabletop or wall-mounted cutter.

Additional Information

**From the Manufacturer:

Cutting Capability:

Semi-Rigid Materials
-Foamboard Up to 1/2'' (13 mm)
-Corrugated Plastics (Up to 6mm)
-PVC (Up to 3 mm)
-Matboard Sizing

Flexible Substrates
-Canvas & Vinyl
-Banner Materials
-Laminated Art/Photo Mounted on Foamboard
-Digital Prints, Photo Paper

Cutting Capacity: 62 (1.57M)

Cutting Head Features:
Cutting head unit is equipped with "Lock & Cut" feature - cutting head lowers and locks during cutting process

Table Top Construction:
1.5mm sheet metal table construction preventing warping of cutting table over time
Lock down pressure clamp - Improves cutting control and edge quality by securely holding material in place while cutting rigid substrates
Equipped with built-in squaring arm to securely hold the material for 90 cutting
Full table measuring graphic grid for straight line and angle cutting of 30, 45, 60 and 75 - includes spare part numbers for easy re-ordering reference

Wall Mounted Set Up:
Easy to install on any wall
Requires wall footprint of 74 (1.88M) x 44 (1.12M)
Cutting head carriage can be field adjusted when used in the wall-mount set-up configuration head remains stationary above material prior to cutting process
No loose hardware contains all threaded inserts
Hanging weight: 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)

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