Fletcher FSC 65″ Multi Material Cutter (New) Item # FT-106010
Fletcher FSC 65″ Multi Material Cutter (New) Item # FT-106010
Fletcher FSC 65″ Multi Material Cutter (New) Item # FT-106010


Fletcher FSC 65" Multi Material Cutter

SKU: FT-106010
Manufacturer: Fletcher

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

Heavy-duty cutter designed with an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders. Includes a V-Groove Cutting Tool used with ACM material to allow bending and fabrication techniques. Cutter handles material sheets up to 65"" high (1.65m), includes a laser sight line for cutting pre-printed graphics and is equipped with a twin handle cutting head for operator control and dexterity. Mounts on wall or freestanding installation.

Interchangeable Cutting Head Technology:

Knife cutting blades and cutting wheels are manufactured to Fletcher specification requirements resulting in:

  • Better life and cutting performance
  • Blade to blade consistency
  • The elimination of “blade deflection” when cutting harder substrates

Multi-Material Cutting Capabilities:

  • Aluminum Composites (ACM) up to 4mm
  • Aluminum Sheets up to .063"
  • Corrugated Plastics up to 1/2" (13mm)
  • PVC and Foamboard up to 1/2" (13mm)
  • Acrylics/Plexiglass up to 6mm
  • Glass/Mirrors up to 6mm
  • MDF up to 3/32" (2.4mm)
  • Metal Cutting for Print to Metal Applications

About this Item

Features & Specifications

Unique Performance Features

- Interchangeable Cutting Head Technology
- Cuts clean, debris-free, no secondary processing
- Can be placed in same room as printer, saving valuable shop floor space
- Includes Laser Sight Line Cutting Guide that is adjustable for knife or wheel cutting operation and projects a cut line on the substrate, eliminating guess work and costly errors in a pre-print or post printing process.
- Mounts on wall or free-standing
- Substantial cast aluminum cutting head, ergonomic “T” handle bar, power-lock rod, and innovative glide bearing system.
- V-Groove Cutting - Fine adjustment increments for precise depth control
- Has the ability of cutting aluminum sheets up to .063" in a single pass

Tech Specs & Dimensions

- Horizontal Extrusion: Material loading from left side, equipped with a steel wear strip that is designed to maintain machine squareness over time.
- Material Clamping System: Lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrates heights up to 65" (165cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.
- The clamp system opens 5/8" (1.59cm) preventing damage of a pre-printed 1/2" (13mm) graphic when loading.
- Cutter Head: Equipped with a twin handle feature for cutting control with rigid substrates.

Wall Mounting Specs & Dimensions

- Height: 100" (254 cm)
- Width: 80" (203cm)
- Depth: 17" (43 cm)

Mount/Stand Specs & Dimensions

- Height: 93" (236 cm)
- Width: 80" (203cm)
- Depth: 43" (109 cm)
- Weight: 115 lbs (52kg)
- Cut Capacity: 65" (165cm)
- Shipping Weight: 190 lbs. (86kg)

Additional Information

Purchase Package:

- (1) FSC Unit (wall or free-standing)
- (1) 1/2" Blade Holder
- (1) ACM Cutting Wheel Holder
- (1) Acrylic Blade Holder
- (1) Tube of 10 FSC Blades
- (1) Tube of 10 Acrylic Scoring Blades
- (1) Set of Aluminum Composite Wheels
- (1) Tool Caddy
- (2) Material Production Stops
- (1) Sight Laser Line
- (1) Manual

NFE-141-04-720 Fletcher FSC Substrate Multi-Material Cutter

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