Fletcher – Terry FSC Substrate Cutter (used) Item # UE-090821A (Oregon)
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Fletcher - Terry FSC Substrate Cutter

SKU: UE-090821A
Date listed: September 8, 2021

Fletcher - Terry FSC Substrate Cutter

From the seller: "Great Machine works well. Just don't have the wall space for it anymore."

Year: 2008

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***From the manufacturer:

Our versatile FSC Multi Material Cutter features and interchangeable cutting head design ensuring that this machine will never become obsolete as Fletcher upgrades it blades to match new substrates as they enter the market. The FSC cuts aluminum composite and aluminum sheet materials, debris free, enabling you to place it in the same work area as your dust sensitive printing device.

Product Description

Substrate Cutting Capability:

  • Aluminum Composites? (ACM) up to 4 mm.

  • Aluminum Sheets up to .063?.

  • Corrugated Plastics up to 1/2? (13 mm).

  • PVC and Foam Board up to 1/2? (13 mm).

  • Acrylics / Plexiglass up to 1/4? ( 6mm).

  • Glass / Mirrors up to 1/4? (6 mm).

Technical Specifications:

  • Vertical Cutting Capacity:? 65? (1.65m)

  • Horizontal Extrusion: Material Loading from left side, equipped with a steel wear strip designed to maintain machine square-ness over time.

  • Material Clamping System: Lever-type clamping system that secures in place various substrates heights up to 64? (165 cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process. The clamp system opens 5/8? (159 cm) preventing damage of a pre-printed 1/2? (13 mm) graphic when loading.

  • Cutting Head: Equipped with a twin handle feature for cutting control with rigid substrates.

  • Options & Replacement Accessories?($ Call for Pricing (330-405-9421)
  • P/N Description
    04-770 1/4? Blade Holder
    04-772 Aluminum Sheet Wheel Holder w/Wheels
    04-774 Glass Cutting Wheel Holder
    02-120 Steel Glass Wheel Units ? 120 degrees
    05-222 FSC Blades (10/tube)
    05-223 ACM Wheels (2/env)
    05-224 Aluminum Wheels (2/env)
    05-712 Acrylic/Plastic Scoring Blade ??(10/tube) (APB12)
    04-779 V-Groove Tool w/Blade




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