Flora 2512UV Flatbed Printer (New) Item # FL-101010


Flora 2512UV Flatbed Printer

SKU: FL-101010
Manufacturer: Flora

Flora 2512UV Flatbed Printer

New w/ Factory Warranty

Machine Description:

For the best in true UV flatbed printer technology, the Flora 2512UV printer is an excellent production unit that comes standard with 8 colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White & Varnish (clear).

It is also extremely versatile with white ink.

Flora 2512UV flatbed printer has a powerful four zone vacuum table which secures the media for accurate printing.

For added capabilities, the Flora 2512UV with roll option also gives you the ability to print on roll material up to 96" wide. This amazing wide format UV printer will basically allow you to meet any and all of your UV printing needs.

Highly versatile UV printer with the ability to print on any substrate.

Size: 4' x 8'


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