Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot (Used) Item # UFE-S143 (Ohio)
Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot (Used) Item # UFE-S143 (Ohio)
Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot (Used) Item # UFE-S143 (Ohio)
Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot (Used) Item # UFE-S143 (Ohio)


Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot

Manufacturer: Equipment Lot

Foley Belsaw Sharpening Shop Equipment Lot


Available Items in Lot:
  • UFE-S143-1 Foley Model 355 Knife Grinder
  • UFE-S143-2 Foley Model 357-25 Retipping Fixture
  • UFE-S143-3 Foley Belsaw Model 2361075 Econo-Dip Tank
  • UFE-S143-4 Foley Belsaw Model 367 Carbide Grinder
  • UFE-S143-5 Foley Belsaw Model 3670956 Cutter/Router Attachment for the 367.


From the Seller: "All in mint condition. Disassembled for transport. All include manuals."


*Items in this lot must be purchased as a grouping.


(Contact manufacturer for additional accessories not appearing in listing)


About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

This 355 knife grinder automatic carriage turns your manual knife grinder to automatic. Save time in your shop by allowing your knife grinder to do the work so you can be sharpening other tooling at the same time. Whether you are sharpening a 3" or a 36" knife, you can adjust the travel according to the length of the knife you are sharpening even when the carriage is in motion. It takes but seconds to set the length of travel. You can change from manual to automatic and back to manual in less than 10 seconds. This unit is all electric. Comes completely assembled including the motor and drive unit to the brackets. There is no drilling or tapping required. Mounts directly to the four top leg bolt holes that are in your machine now. This unit adds stability to the motor that is now on the 355 and is one of the best automatic units available. Unit comes complete with mounting instructions.

***Concerning "Used" Items: Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by the Seller. Cross-check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer's information. Descriptions of condition of the equipment are not warranties. Descriptions are intended only as a courtesy and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Buyer inspection encouraged. There are no warranties or guarantees implied unless otherwise stated. All items are sold "As Is, Where Is, and With All Faults." No guarantee is made as to fitness for a particular purpose, implied or otherwise. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions before purchasing.

Pricing & Shipping

Price: $4,500.00

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