New Steeltrak Vertical Multi Substrate Cutter Muli-Material
Foster Keencut Steeltrak Vertical Multi Substrate Cutter (New w/ Warranty) Item # NFE-250


Foster Keencut Steeltrak Vertical Multi Substrate Cutter

SKU: NFE-250
Manufacturer: Keencut

New w/ 5 Year Factory Warranty

?Available in 3 sizes:

NFE-250-A? ? 65? Cut Length? $4,485

NFE-250-B? ? 82? Cut Length? $5,050

NFE-250-C? ? 98? Cut Length? $6,110

(call to see if there are any monthly specials)?

SteelTrak includes three cutting tools - Box of 100 medium duty utility blades, Utility blade, acrylic scoring blade & composite twin wheel cutting tool. Wall Mount Kit.

NFE-250-D? ? Glass Cutting Kit to score and snap glass on SteelTraK? (Optional Accessory)?$264.50

This is an optional accessory for the Steeltrak.

Includes Break-off ramp, Long wear strip, Short wear strip and Glass scoring wheel with Cutting Block

Please note: Max cutting length for glass is 65" for all Steeltrak sizes


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