New Foster Rotatrim Monorail Cutter
Foster Rotatrim Monorail Cutter (New) Item # NFE-346


Foster Rotatrim Monorail Cutter

SKU: NFE-346
Manufacturer: Rotatrim

New w/ Factory Warranty

The Monorail is designed for the slightly more occasional user ? the professional ? seeking a quality trimmer that won?t be in use all day, every day. Maybe you?re a photo or framing enthusiast who wants the best but you don?t need the same durability of a heavier-duty trimmer? Or maybe you work in the education field and are in need of a premium machine, but without the premium price?

The Monorail is perfect for medium-use cutting and trimming of flexible materials, offering smooth-glide cutting action:

  • A single chrome-plated guide rail is extremely resistant to head swivel.
  • Design offers a maximum cut depth of up to 2mm.
  • A solid laminated gridded baseboard ensures accurate placement of work.
  • Virtually indestructible ABS plastic end frames and head equate to 20-25 years of performance.

About this Item

  • Perfect for Cutting:

    • Banner

    • Film

    • Mountboard

    • Photo Paper

    • Paper

    • Self-adhesive Vinyl

    • Tissue

    • Vinyl

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