Used Frame Square Mitre Miter Saw Model 1000
Frame Square Miter Saw Model 1000 (Used) Item # UE-030722D (Missouri)
Frame Square Miter Saw Model 1000 (Used) Item # UE-030722D (Missouri)
Frame Square Miter Saw Model 1000 (Used) Item # UE-030722D (Missouri)


Frame Square Miter Saw Model 1000

SKU: UE-030722D
Manufacturer: Frame Square
Date listed: March 7, 2022

Frame Square Miter Saw


About this Item

  • Model 1000

    From the seller "In good working order."

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  • ***From the manufacturer:

    Ideal for small to medium production, Frame Square precision mitre saws ** are the 4th corner solution, easy to use and is the one saw that handles all your needs. ...comes with 10" blade and 1/2 HP motor. See below for detail:

    Frame Square builds precision mitre saws with built in accuracy for today?s professional framers and woodworkers. Our mitre saws cut aluminum , wood, MDF or styrene mouldings with micro-precision angles. The guide arms are not adjustable. They are set for 45? at the factory. Optional arms for 22-1/2? are available as well as rabbet offset guides for wide double rabbet mouldings.

    Heavy duty clamps are standard to hold all materials safely while cutting and the motion lever controls the table top movement with hands away from saw blade at all times.

    Don?t waste time with ?do-overs?... do it right the first time with Frame Square.
    ** When picture frame rails are not cut at an accurate 45?, the 4th corner will require more time and effort to join than the other 3 corners combined. Your reputation rests on the 4th corner. Cut it right the first time.

    Model 1000 Precision Mitre Saw on floorstand.
    10? blade Cuts all types of moulding up to 5? wide and almost 3.5? high.
    A ? HP motor is standard and a 1 HP motor is optional.
    Top measure stop allows for pre-cutting rails to length without swinging long pieces of moulding.

    *** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website.

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