Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe for Sale
Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe (Used) Item # UE-032521C (Arizona)
Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe (Used) Item # UE-032521C (Arizona)
Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe (Used) Item # UE-032521C (Arizona)


Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe

SKU: UE-032521C
Manufacturer: Ganesh
Date listed: March 25, 2021

Ganesh Cyclone-32CS CNC Lathe

Manufactured in 2006


About this Item


    Chuck Size

    Bar Capacity

    Turning Diameter

    Distance Between Centers

    Max. RPM

    X, Y, Z Travels
    7.28" x 19.29" x 6.50"

    OD Turning Tool Positions
    6 OD Tools (1/2" or 12mm)

    ID Turning Tool Positions
    5 ID Tools

    OD Turning Tool Size
    1/2" or 12mm

    Spindle Center Height

    Max. Barstock Diameter


    X-Axis / Z-Axis
    11.53"/ 11.61"

    Min. Input Unit

    ID Turning Tool Bore Size

  • Front Slide
    3 Front Slide Live Tools

    Live Tool Collet Size
    ER-20 Collet, 1/2" (13mm) Tool Shank

    Coolant Pump
    Coolant Pump 3/4 HP

    $ Call for Pricing

    Customers can pick this machine up in Arizona or shipped for an additional fee.

    UE-032521C - 7796756


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