Used Pre Owned GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator
GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator (used) Item # UPE-4
GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator (used) Item # UPE-4
GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator (used) Item # UPE-4
GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator (used) Item # UPE-4
GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator (used) Item # UPE-4


GBC Falcon 60+ Laminator

Manufacturer: GBC

From the seller " This laminator is in good working condition"

  • Double Roll Laminator
  • Maximum Laminating Width: 60" (152cm)
  • Operating Speed: 0 FPM to 18 FPM (5 MPM)
  • Maximum Mounting Gap .75" (1.91cm)
  • Maximum Temperature: 270 F (132c)
  • Dimensions: Length 79" x Width 33" x Height 57"
  • Weight: 1498lbs (Approximately 1900 Shipped)
  • 220 Volt, 60 HZ, 1 Phase, 24.5 Amp
  • From the manufacturer:

Falcon 60+:?For shops seeking to laminate, encapsulate and mount output from 60-in. inkjet printers, GBC suggests the Falcon 60+ bi-directional laminating system. According to GBC, the system improves productivity by allowing an operator to run thermal films from one side and pressure-sensitive or mounting films from the other, without waiting for the machine to cool down.

Running at speeds from 0 to 18 ft/min, the Falcon 60+ can be webbed with films up to 61 in. wide on rolls up to 10 in. in diameter with 3-in. cores. The heat and nip rollers are independently adjustable and can handle materials up to 3/4 in. thick.

Other features include: a new channeled air cooling system and a large idler chill roller for the elimination of waves on glossy inkjet output. An intelligent controller constantly adjusts infrared roll temperature for consistent heat across the entire roller and an adjustable "super high" output clutch ensures flat output. The system's braking mechanism supports consistent roll tensioning.?

Price? $6,000

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