Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21 - AIM Equipment Co.
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21
Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter (used) Item # UPE-21


Gerber Edge FX & Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter


Gerber Edge FX? &? Gerber Envision 375 Cutter / Plotter

From the seller: "These used machines are in Very Good? Condition. FX was used sparingly for the last 8 years and the cutter for the last 20 years. Includes the EXACT right shipping boxes for the printer and cutter, so they will have maximum protection during shipment.? I checked and these shipment containers even have part numbers!? We are selling the printer and cutter because we bought a 60? vinyl printer and 40? cutter so we can do much larger decals. Video available"

Gerber Edge FX:? Serial Number 4616840? Manufactured 2010
Includes Owner?s Manual CD, cables, replacement parts, Unpacking, Packing and Installation Guide
Gerber Envision 375 Plotter: Serial Number E15-901074? Manufactured 1998
Includes Owner?s Guide, Recommended Values for cutting depth, cables, Packing and Unpacking Guide
Omega 4.0 Software /? Serial Number 494968 with Dongle / Last Updated 2009
?Works on Windows XP, Vista or 7

Supplies Included:

3 Metal Roll Holders for 15? rolls

6 Foil Caddy?s and Storage Containers

15? Gerber Foils (with an average value of about $2.00 per meter, totaling about $1488!!)

-????????Process Pro Black (50 meters)

-????????Process Pro Cyan (109 meters)

-????????Process Pro Yellow (94 meters)

-????????Process Pro Magenta (83 meters)

-????????Grey (21 meters)

-????????White (69 meters)

-????????Burgundy (41 meters)

-????????Orange (44 meters)

-????????Silver (40 meters)

-????????Raspberry (15 meters)

-????????Intense Blue (41 meters)

-????????Lime Green (23 meters)

-????????Atomic Red (3 meters)

-????????Gold (86 meters)

-????????Transparent Red (18 meters)

-????????Transparent Blue (7 meters)

Spectratone Selection Guide and lots of Foil Books with swatches

15? Rolls of Vinyl (with an average value of $4 per meter and a total of about 500 meters = $2000 value if they take all!)

-????????Application Tape

-????????White Plastigraphix (approx.. 20 yards)

-????????White Cling (approx. 30 yards)

-????????White Panaflex (approx. 50 yards)

-????????3M Floor Minders Control Tac (approx. 20 yards)

-????????3M Floor Minders Overlam (approx. 20 yards)

-????????Gerber Vision (approx. 20 yards)

-????????15+ misc. rolls of color, including white (but we can use them unless customer requests them)

Brochure available in our Resources Section

$ 6,000

Customers can pick this machine up in North Dakota or have it shipped for an additional fee.

Manufacturer's Information

Gerber Edge FX - Digital Printing Solution

THE GERBER EDGE FX? digital production system is designed

for graphics professionals seeking to quickly produce durable,

customized, contour-cut, short-run graphics.

The EDGE FX? is a thermal transfer device that uses heat and

pressure to transfer resin-based pigments to over 30 different

substrates including cast, calendered and reflective vinyl,

polycarbonate, clear films, metallic, polyester label stock,

magnetic and much more.

Color Versatility-Print with more than 60 spot colors including white,

transparent; plus CMYK. And with GerberColor Spectratone? you can

create over 3,000 colors simply by printing one spot color foil on top of


Outdoor durable-Without lamination for up to 5 years.

(Additional protection may be required for certain geographic areas and applications.)

Print & Cut-Contour cut virtually any shape around any printed

graphic-no set up, no dies.

Easy to use-Proven technology, small system footprint, no print odors,

reusable cartridge.

The EDGE FX? is part of a total print-and-cut solution and a

proven high-margin complement to your other digital printers.

The final result?Custom printed, custom cut,?durable graphics. All on a?short run basis of one piece to?hundreds of pieces.


The last step of the Design, Print, Cut solution.

The enVision 375 is our most popular cutter not just because it is amazingly fast, but it can also handle the toughest and thickest materials and laminates.

This digital die cutter integrates with the Gerber Edge FX printer to cut inside and outside shapes on your label, decal or overlay


Material Feed
Material Width
All 15" (381 mm)
Cutting Width
13.25" (327 mm)
Cutting Speed
50" per second
Knife Configuration
Swivel Knife
Cutting Depth Adjustment
Key Pad
Pen Plot
29" x 11" (740 x 280 mm)
60 Lbs (27 kg)
Communication Port
Serial and USB with adapter
Power Requirements
100-230 V (47/36 Hz)
Replot Function
Up to 9,999 repeats
Test Plot/Cut
Curve and Arc Smoothing

***Concerning "Used" Items: Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by the Seller. Cross-check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer's information. Descriptions of condition of the equipment are not warranties. Descriptions are intended only as a courtesy and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Buyer inspection encouraged. There are no warranties or guarantees implied unless otherwise stated. All items are sold "As Is, Where Is, and With All Faults." No guarantee is made as to fitness for a particular purpose, implied or otherwise. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions before purchasing.


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