Used Gerber M3000 Series Turbo Cutter / CNC Router / Plotter for Sale
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)
Gerber M3000 Series Cutter (used) Item # UR-25 (North Carolina)


Gerber M3000 Series Cutter

SKU: UR-25

Gerber M3000 Series Cutter

From the seller:?"This used router is still in operation and in good working condition. It will be available for pickup after?pickup September 23, 2019? "

Original Owners. Bought new in 2009

RIP / Software Type:?Gerber Omega

Tooling included

Polyethylene foam has been the only material cut with this machine. Machine was / is used?3?days a week 1 shift 7AM-4PM.

Servicing and repair done by Gerber technicians.

Parts replaced in the last 12 months:

-Oscillating Motor (making knife turn)

-Cutting knife

-Oil Cylinder

-X axis emergency stop

-Y axis fuse

-Mother Board

-Floppy Drive

Reason for selling: upgrading to a new type of cutting system

Price: Call

Customers can pick this item up in North Carolina?or have it shipped for an additional fee.?Buyer to provide transportation for machine and will need to disassemble/load etc.

***From the Manufacturer:

Gerber M Series Digital Finishing System

Table Size:? 103? x 148? (2620mm x 3760mm)

Active Cutting Area: 75? x 120? (1900mm x 3000mm)

The Gerber M Series is the most powerful and

versatile digital finishing system on the market today.

Our advanced cutting technology gives you the performance

edge you need to produce high quality finished graphics. We

have the right selection of cutting tools and material settings for a

wide range of substrates such as foam boards, styrene, PVC,

polycarbonates and corrugated plastics. Easily cut/crease paperbased materials from paperboard to micro-flute up to and cluding

triple wall. Our standard router expands your capabilities to

acrylics and aluminum composites. The turbo router gives you

the supercharged performance for more challenging applications.

Change tools and jobs in seconds with our modular T3 Tool head

design with MVision. You can digitally register printed graphics,

then knife cut and/or rout the same job and change over to foam

cutting or creasing, all within the single modular T3 Tool head.

Our robust, software selectable templates enable all of this

power with a few mouse clicks. Using our extensive list of preprogrammed materials, selection of the ideal tool and optimum

performance parameters is fast and efficient. As your business

expands, you can add and customize templates

to meet your future needs.

Additional Tools:

Electric reciprocating knife

? Heavy duty drag knife

? Light duty drag knife

? Spring-loaded vinyl knife

? Micrometer knife

? Bevel tools

? Pen tool

? Folding carton crease tool

? High force crease tool

? Pneumatic foam knife

? And more!



Accurate, digital finishing of a wide variety of graphic materials :

from thick rigid substrates to folding carton, pressure-sensitive vinyl

and much more.

T3 cutting head carries and works with up to three tools at a time. A

complete ranges of modular graphic finishing tools is available.

Material hold-down system with 5 individually controlled vacuum

zones for optimal configuration of the cutting area.

Easy to use, powerful operator interface.

Robust table construction

and oversized X-Y drive


5 Zone vacuum table for advanced material hold down

Safe machine operation and

unobstructed table access

for material unload and

removal of cut parts


M Vision registration system automatically compensates for accuracy errors during printing, ensuring a digitally precise cut every time.

Auto Tool ID system automatically identifies the tool type and its

position on the T3 head, for quick toll changeovers.

System enables open access to the cutting area for easy material

loading and removal.


Superior build quality and solid construction ensure reliable performance over time.

A rich list of standard features, tools and accessories in a turnkey

system that?s ready to address all your finishing requirements.

The Gerber M Series flatbed cutter is a powerful and versatile

solution for automatic print-to-cut finishing of a wide spectrum of graphic outputs. From routing inkjet-printed rigid

substrates, to kiss-cutting vinyl decals, to contour cutting and

creasing of digital offset POP graphics, the Gerber M Series

can handle all your finishing needs accurately and 100%

digitally, expanding your capabilities while maximizing the

productivity and efficiency of your operations.

M-Vision registration system

Overlay cutting mat

5-zone vacuum hold-down system with 10HP pump

Chip extraction system

Light barrier safety system

PC Workstation with cabinet

Gerber OMEGA CP software suite

Starter kit of Gerber knife blades, router bits, and creasing inserts for each tool

12-month parts & service warranty

Standard M Series

Additional available modular tools

creased cut height

High-power vacuum hold-down system

with 18HP pump

Options / Accessories


*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website.

Digital Equipment Cutters

***Concerning "Used" Items: Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by the Seller. Cross-check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer's information. Descriptions of condition of the equipment are not warranties. Descriptions are intended only as a courtesy and their accuracy is not guaranteed. Buyer inspection encouraged. There are no warranties or guarantees implied unless otherwise stated. All items are sold "As Is, Where Is, and With All Faults." Feel free to contact us if you have further questions before purchasing.


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