Gravograph M40 Engraver (Used) Item # UE-062922C (Louisiana) - AIM Equipment Co.
Gravograph M40 Engraver (Used) Item # UE-062922C (Louisiana)
Gravograph M40 Engraver (Used) Item # UE-062922C (Louisiana)
Gravograph M40 Engraver (Used) Item # UE-062922C (Louisiana)


Gravograph M40 Engraver

SKU: UE-062922C
Manufacturer: Gravograph
Date listed: June 29, 2022

Gravograph M40 Engraver


About this Item

  • From the seller: "Engraver is in good working condition. Includes Dongle. Changed out black bushing at one point. Computer can be included but will add to the shipping cost. Well Maintained."

    Includes GS5.2 Discovery Software

    Manufactured 11/05

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  • *** From the Manufacturer:

    Gravograph Mechanical Engraving / M-40 Series

    You asked for a computerized engraving system that was easy-to-use, versatile and economical.

    With features such as a 12 x 8? engraving area, super simple software, small machine footprint and excellent engraving quality, the M40 computerized engraving system gives you what you need to run your retail business. Features include:


    Trophy Plates


    Corporate Awards

    Plastic or Metal Badges






    An affordably-priced, compact computerized engraving system that?s easy-to-use, fast and quiet.

    Delivered standard with Gravostyle engraving software ? easy yet professional.

    12? x 8? engraving area enabling you to engrave a wide range of objects.

    Error-free engraving-simulate your job before you engrave, using the integrated red laser pointer ? no measuring required.

    Effortless cutter setup-integrated automatic Z reference to sense the material surface.

    Patent-pending hollow shaft spindle motor.

    Professional range of accessories for clamping a wide variety of objects (pens, lighters, plaques, badges, etc.).

    Small footprint ? The small footprint of this computerized engraving systems allows the user to place the machine almost anywhere, even on desktops and retail counter space.



    *** It is the buyer?s responsibility to check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website. Although we strive for accurate information, all equipment is sold ?As Is?.

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Product is located in Louisiana. Customers can pick the machine up or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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